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神話新聞 Mind Map







​ 写真は生成AIではなく、松龍がスタジオにて撮影した。

From the Festival Calendar of Ovidius (May 2)

 This work is based on the story of the nymph Chloris and Zephyros, god of the west wind, from the Festival Calendar of Ovidius, a compilation of Greek mythology.

 Boticelli's "Primavera" has become a well-known work.

 The main plot is that Zephyros, god of the winds, discerns the nymph Chloris and forcibly marries her, but gives her the title of his rightful wife and the power of Flora, god of flowers.


 This time, instead of the scene itself, I approached the essence of mythology, mankind's favorite story, from the perspective of the convenience of those who tell the story, the convenience of those who listen to the story, and the convenience of the media used to convey the story. Then, we prepared a multi-layered media, which included a stage where the mythological scene was performed as a contemporary drama and a newspaper article about it.


Furthermore, we had this article written using a generative AI; we only gave commands (command engineering) to the AI. The output sentence was adopted verbatim.

The photos were taken by maturyu in his studio, not by the generative AI.

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