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Recognize "Not independent"


 鑑賞者の意識の中で、「あるようで、ない。 ないようで、ある。」という状態になる。 螺旋を描きながら舞い散る花びらに「空」を感じ、森羅万象の原理にいたるまで見つめていただければ、私の心はあなたに届くことでしょう。



 Air can not be seen directly, but after the petals fly through the air, the afterimage can be seen. It is also thought that the air appears to shine. Whether it is a petal, an air, a relationship between petals and air, interpretation of the afterimage of the viewer is different.

 In the consciousness of the viewer, it is in the state of "There seems to be nothing, not there seems to be nothing." If you feel "sky" in a petal dancing while drawn a spiral and you can look down to the principle of a whole thing, my heart will reach you.

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