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499 seconds

499 seconds

I started thinking about changes in the world one morning.

I commute on a crowded train as usual.

There were many people in the car and it was hard to read the newspaper.

"Why do you push me so much?"

"The newspaper is too close to read!"

At that time, I was relieved by my inner voice.

And I thought this.

“Not too close,  I've been presbyopic.”

I wonder when I became presbyopic. Surely it took me about 10 years before I knew it, and I recognized it today.

It's not sudden that the American president became Donald Trump.

The country of America changed little by little, and he became president as a phenotype.

From that time on, I wanted the ability to recognize the change itself, not suddenly.


I wondered how to show only changes.

(1) The difference is displayed when the corresponding pixel values of two photos taken under exactly the same conditions are subtracted.

(2) The value of pixels that do not change is zero, and the color is displayed for changed pixels.


Reason for setting the shooting interval to 499 seconds.

(1) Since the photos are recorded with light, we chose a shooting interval of 499 seconds. It takes 499 seconds for the light to reach the earth from the sun.

(2) The scenery I am seeing now is illuminated by past light. In the meantime, the world is changing.


I was convinced that my ability of Homo sapiens could be extended a bit.

Trump's term is shorter than the length of my life, the world continues to change. My Project to be continued.

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